Skype For Business Users Group Announces New President and Changes to its Board of Directors, along with New Name

At the board meeting on September 29, 2017, the Skype for Business Users Group board voted to make the following changes to the Board of Directors:

Adam Curry will now serve as President. He is one of the founders of SkypeUG and previously served as Treasurer.  Adam will be taking on the role of coordinating sponsorships.

Kevin Peters, the former President, will now serve as President Emeritus.  He will be focusing on international group start-up.

Heidi Gloudemans, Advisor to the Board, will be coordinating philanthropic efforts on behalf of the Board.

Lisa Borchers, Administrative Officer, will assume the Treasurer role and be responsible for day-to-day financials.

The Board also voted to change the name of the group to Skype and Teams User Group effective immediately. You will see gradual changes to our website and branding as we transition to the new name.